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Incoming 10th-12th Graders

Upon admission into The Institute to Health Professions our parent coordinator or guidance team may reach out to request information. The information needed will change depending on whether you were enrolled in a different NYC DOE school prior. You may receive requests for the following purposes:

  • HS Transcripts: This will be used by our guidance team to determine what courses are needed for graduating on time.
  • Bluecard Information: We will need information such as names and address of people who will be authorized to pick up your child in case of an emergency or illness.
Your child will also be receiving a school email and password. At the Institute we use Google Email, Classroom and Drive in most of our classes for creation and submission of student work. 
Students can also use the same login information to access our grading portal, Jumprope.

Course Credit Graduation Requirements

Minimum Number of Credits



Social Studies (including Global History, U.S. History, Participation in Government, and Economics)


Science (Life and Physical sciences, including labs)


Mathematics (including at least 2 credits of advanced math, e.g., Geometry or Algebra II)


Language other than English (LOTE)


Visual Art, Music, Dance, and/or Theater


Physical  Education (Every Year)


Health* *Students who fulfill the CTE program will have the 1 credit Health requirement waived






Assessment Graduation Requirements

Passing grades on the English Regents Exam and PBATs are required.

  • English Regents Examination
  • Literary Paper 

Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT)

  • Historical Research Paper 

Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT)

  • Demonstration of Higher Level Mathematical Reasoning 

Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT)

  • STEM Engineering Project

Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT)

  • CTE Certification Exams**   **not required for graduation