Aruha Syed 

Student at the Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights (Teacher: Hyun Ju Tsoutsouras 안현주 / Korean teacher)

Fake or not? How can you tell?

I've always been a fast texter

Perhaps it's because I'm constantly on my phone

Or maybe it's because some days I feel completely alone

That allows me to have a small superpower

The power to notice small changes

Such as when people's typing styles become a bit stranger

They can go from sending emojis to a one-word exchange

I try to keep conversation going because I care about people I know

And they were responding so fast

It's weird that now they're so slow

I only have a few people in my circle

Honestly, I try to keep it pretty small

Friends I know would pick up 

If I suddenly decide to call

When new people try to join

I don't mind

I'm very lenient

But they'd only answer when it was convenient

The worst ones? The crushes

Some you don't know very well

They might be interested in you

But really, how can you tell?

When you really need someone 

Some people, so fake, they'd never even know 

So when you have your own celebration

Your own inner circle

They'd want to be on that list of invites

But before...

Breakdown after breakdown

They couldn't have cared any less

So when you're at the top

When you've cleared out your mess

That's when they express

That they want you around

I'm judged 
What is it really like to be a woman? 
You must walk in pairs when it's dark outside 
And only the paths with streetlights 
I'm judged 
Make sure your phone,
fully charged before exiting your home 
Don't forget to message your friends 
When you safely return 
I'm judged 
Cover your figure 
That skirt is too short 
Cover your legs 
And just like that, you're considered an object 
I'm judged 
The lengths some must go through to be safe? Too much to even say

We also have a fear of looking good 
Just to fit what other people think 
But what do I think? 
I think that I don't wanna wear makeup for the rest of my life 
I don't wanna wear a mask to look good 
It's the same as lying, in my opinion 
Do this 
Do that 
I'm judged 
I don't want to be judged 
I want to be free 
Not like I'm living someone else's fantasy 
Of what I should be 
Good grades 
Little Miss Perfect 
Good makeup 
Little Miss Perfect 
Good behavior 
Little Miss Perfect 
I'm judged 
One mistake 
Little Miss Failure 
One breakdown 
Little Miss Failure 
One tear 
Little Miss Failure 
I'm judged 
I have a loud laugh 
But my tears will fill up the ocean 
I love like I've never been hurt before 
We're all judged 
We don't want to be judged 
we want to be free