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January 15, 2015

Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that our students will be participating in a presentation of learning during Regents Week. We hope that you are able to participate as a panelist for some of our students during the presentations. Students taking Algebra II or Geometry will be presenting a mathematics problem while all remaining students will be presenting an assessment from one of their classes. The presentations are scheduled for Regents Week, which is January 26th - 30th in the mornings and the afternoons.

Prior to the presentation, your child will work with their adviser to craft a written Mastery Statement that asks them to introduce themselves, describe the task they are presenting, explain how they used our Core Values, Habits of Mind, and Character Principles to complete the assessment. During that week, your child will be scheduled for a one-hour long session during which they and three of their classmates will present their learning to a panel of at least two teachers. The presentations will follow the following outline:

1.      Student presents for five minutes

2.      Student answers questions from the panel of evaluators

3.      Panel gives the students feedback on their presentation

We are asking that you sign up to be panelists on our school website,, based on your availability. We are asking that you arrive to the school one hour before the presentations begin to allow yourself time to meet with the other panel evaluators and to review the student work that will be presented.

We believe that these presentations will help fulfill our school mission of having our students learn by doing and serve as an inspirational demonstration of the potential of our children.


Gareth Robinson
Founding Principal

207-01 116th Avenue, Cambria Heights, NY | (718) 723-7301