Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights

Gareth Robinson

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Gareth was raised by his mother in Washington, DC. He attended the Sidwell Friends School on scholarship before attending Tufts University where he earned a BA in English. He joined the first cohort of the New York City Teaching Fellows and served on the Fellows Advisory Board while teaching English, Special education, and ESL at the School for Legal Studies in Brooklyn. Gareth graduated from Brooklyn College with a MA in Teaching English and joined the faculty of Samuel J. Tilden High School where he taught balanced literacy, research writing, and teaching methods. While at Tilden, he conducted professional development for the English department and completed a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Finance at New York University. In 2008, Gareth joined the staff of the High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety where he taught courses in the humanities, advised the yearbook committee, provided professional development, and served as a dean. After completing studies in school leadership, he joined the NYC Leadership Academy’s 10th Cohort and served as the principal intern at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn. 

Crystal Davis

Student Support
Joy Baily-Cora
School Secretary

Kyla Stock
School Counselor, At-Risk Coordinator

Janna Varela
School Counselor, College Coordinator

Simone Robinson-Ross
Parent Coordinator

Michael Frazier
School Aide

Humanities Team
Ryan Armstrong
Studio Art, Arts Liason

Katherine Dalton
English as a New Language, ENL Coordinator

Sara Feretic
ICT English

Yahaira Garcia
English, English Team Leader

Jacqueline Goods
English, 10th Grade Team Leader

Michael Herman
Social Studies, Dean

Philip Lee

Bill Maier
ICT Social Studies

Shannon Murphy
World History II

Kelly Powell
US History, 11th Grade Team Leader

Lauren Ruddy
Government & Economics, Social Studies Team Leader

Erin Snyder

Ashley Zinnel
World History I

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Team
Michael Bruckenthal

Denise Duncan
Anatomy and Physiology, NAF Coordinator & CTE Team Leader

Heather Nelson
ICT Mathematics, Students with Disabilities Team Leader

Danielle Dubno-Hammer
Neuro Science, Science Team Leader

Cassandre Dossous
Biology, 9th Grade Team Leader

Zachary Glindmyer

Martin Howard

Elaina Luongo
Algebra I

Ariel Piaser
ICT Science

Erin Schneiderman
Statistics, 12th Grade Team Leader

Chrishelle Thorpe
Mathematics, Dean

Mary Ellen Tyrrell
Algebra II/Trigonometry, Mathematics Team Leader

Career and Technical Education Team
Robert Latzen, EMT-P

Patricia Murray, RN

Robin Gibson-Simms, RN

Physical Education
Constantine Topsidakis
Physical Education

Omar Turnage
Physical Education